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The research related to emerging technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT) holds paramount importance across the globe as of today. NUST SEECS has launched a series of IoT events since August 2017, ranging from symposia, basic and advanced workshops to IoT research boot camp. Consequently, a number of smart solutions addressing the local problems have been developed. These research projects have various national and international collaborations. Several local and international delegations visit research outcomes at SEECS. To advance IoT projects and to further extend the research in this domain, this dedicated lab came into being in August 2018.


Our vision is to provide a platform to aspiring and motivated minds for conducting scientific research to develop smart indigenous solutions to local problems and add value to society while achieving new levels of performance through cutting edge and modern technology.


Our mission is to identify tech-savvy individuals with a strong passion for research and innovation to sustain NUST-SEECS research projects for a longer run and to develop smart projects based on IoT and subsequently advance them to a product level

Our Key Connections
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